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Established in 2016 in New York City by an uncle and niece, duo Dominique Martinelli and Ray Shields, Gear Relapse offers women trendy fashion apparel at affordable prices. With the growing demand for inexpensive but highly fashionable women’s clothing, Gear Relapse is a fast growing online retail platform for women’s fashion. The online shop offers a comprehensive database for affordable clothes and dresses.

Dominique Martinelli is the CEO of the company. She loves trendy, designer items that come at reasonable prices. The challenges she faced in having to wait for long periods of time for affordable designer clothing and great deals inspired her to open up a retail store that can provide designer clothing at much lower prices for women. Her degree in Business Administration and background in clothing retail helped in handling all business concerns from marketing to product upload and logistics.

Ray Shields’ strong background in finance and real estate makes him ideal as the company’s CFO. Also a fashion enthusiast, he helped raise the capital and other resources to jumpstart the business.

Gear Relapse believes in quality without compromising the price range including the designer brands it carries. Aiming to build a much stronger online presence, the company employs various marketing ideas to make people more aware of the opportunity they have in purchasing designer clothing at affordable prices. In 2016, Gear Relapse launched a pop-up shop on West Broadway in New York City for three days. With international and domestic customers, the company sources their products globally and plans to include pop up shops as part of their marketing strategy throughout the United States.

Empowering individuality, Gear Relapse aims to become the leading technology platform for designer fashion that will connect fashion creators and consumers all over the U.S. We operate a seamless and unified digital marketplace where fashion lovers can buy a wide range of designer products from the best brands around the world. Customers now have the opportunity to wear designer brands for almost a third of the original cost while continuously benefiting from online promo deals via pop-up stores and email.

Since its inauguration, hundreds of different brands were made available on Gear Relapse online platform ranging from well established designer brands to emerging designers. Gear Relapse offers a wide range of services for consumers that will make shopping on their site a great new experience. The company’s goal is to include unique, exclusive items and additional services to match their customers’ needs according to their experience. This helps customers steer through the breadth of products available on Gear Relapse.

For the love of fashion, Gear Relapse is all about building great relationships with its customers.

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